Psalm 23:3-4 Why the Valleys?

Read Psalm 23

Hi Family & precious people! The last devo shows us Christ’s tenderness, gentleness, & caring for you, his flock. 

In verse three, we hear about the path of righteousness. In the Hebrew, it comes out more like a rut, which means that it has been well worn. The shepherd has gone back-and-forth on this path many times and knows the way. He knows the good spots for the green pastures and still waters. 

But he also knows were all the dangers lie with enemies and predators who seek to prey on the flock. This brings us to the valley of the shadow of death. It’s a valley, or a ravine, that has to be passed through to get to the other side. We don’t like to go through rough times in our lives. And we may even question why God allows some of these things to happen in our lives. Yet, there’s always a reason for this which we do not know. But God knows! As Kidner, a Psalms scholar, reminds us: “The dark valley, or ravine, is as truly one of His ‘right paths’ as are the green patures – a fact that takes much of the sting out of any ordeal.”

His words are a reminder that no matter what, we are never alone. Jesus the Good Shepherd is always with you. He holds your hand as he leads you not only in pastures green but also on the path of righteousness through the valleys. This means that our Christian lives and walk every day is one of trust; holding Jesus’s hand and being assured that He knows what’s going on, and that He is leading us. This frees us up from worry and concern so that we can be the people God wants us to be–especially when He leads us through the dark valleys.

The other comfort we have as we go through valleys is from the Shepherd’s rod & staff. A good shepherd is invested with his flock. He knows each one by name. He “rods” them. This is how he keeps track of each sheep in his flock.  As each sheep or lamb passes by the shepherd counts them one by one. He will count them using his rod, or he will tap them on the back with his rod to make certain each one is accounted for. 

You were “rodded” into Jesus’s flock in your baptism. He knows each of you by name. We can run away from Him and stray. But the Good Shepherd will always search us out with forgiveness & grace. You’re VERY important to Him. 

Are there some valleys you’re going through at this time? Then grab the hand of the Shepherd! He leads you. Is there someone you know who is going through some valleys and is looking for direction? Then be a goood shepherd to them in the Good Shepherd’s name. Show them Jesus. 

Have a GREAT day with the Shepherd!

I love yous guys! Dad

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