Psalm 23:2-3 Holding the Hand of the Shepherd

Parent Holding Child's hand

Read Psalm 23

Good Day Family & Precious People of God!

Have you ever been in a dark or scary situation where you didn’t quite know what to do? All of a sudden, there was Mom or me. We would grab you by the hand and either walk with you or put you on our lap. I remember a number of times when I was a child and sometime things would be scary or uncertain for me. Mom or Dad would take my hand, and all of a sudden, everything would be all right. It didn’t matter if the darkness of night or the scary situation was still there. It was knowing that Mom or Dad were there. They were the parents and there was a relationship with me as their child–an inexplicable bond that seemed to make everything all right. The touch and grabbing hold of my hand and leading the way brought peace and comfort. It was the bond and trust that I knew everything would be OK. And it was the touch and hand-holding that made that trust and bond something real and tangible.

Psalm 23:2-3 brings this out. It’s about the relationship that the shepherd has with His flock. The shepherd lives with His flock. He’s everything to it; guide, physician and protector. The Shepherd is responsible for making sure that his flock lies down in safety; that they are undisturbed. This is imagery, or a picture, of what God’s final kingdom will be like as we wait for Jesus to take us to heaven. Until then, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, remains with us. He brings that peace and tranquility to us through His Holy Spirit, which you each received in your baptisms. This is the promise we hold on to, because as we go through life, there are seasons of tranquility and peace as well as uncertainty and chaos. Yet, the Shepherd is with you each step of the way.

The Hebrew word for lead in Psalm 23:2 means ‘to escort with care’, or ‘to take by the hand and lead’. That’s what Jesus does! He grabs your hand and leads you along life’s path. Jesus leads you on His path of righteousness, because that’s what He does. It brings honor and glory to His name. During times of joy or uncertainty, tranquility or chaos, your Good Shepherd is there holding your hand and leading you–like a parent who grabs hold of his child’s hand. The relationship of trust and security is there in the touch; unexplained but real and there nonetheless. No matter what is going on in life, that touch and hand-holding of the Shepherd is there for you. It’s real and He cares for you.

Is there something going on in your life right now that seems scary or uncertain? Do you feel a little directionless? Can you use a a sense of peace and tranquility right now? Don’t let these things disturb you. The Shepherd, Jesus is there. He’s grabbing your hand, and He leads you everyday. Hold His hand. He never leads you astray.

I love you guys! Dad

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