Easter 3: 1Peter 1:17-18 Corpse Flowers & Easter Lilies

Good morning Family!

Well, it’s Easter, even though much of the world thinks that Easter, like Christmas, simply last one day. Nevertheless, for the Christian, Easter and Christmas is EVERY day!

So, how does the Easter Resurrection of Jesus affect the life of the Christian? How does Jesus’ resurrection from the dead affect YOUR life? Does the Christian go back to the stench of the Corpse plant, or does he live out the fragrance of the Easter lily? God wants the fragrance of Jesus to permeate each Christian’s life and thus, fragrance the world with hope and certainty found in Jesus Christ, and only Jesus!

Readings: Acts 2:14, 36-41, Psalm 116:1-14, 1Peter 1:17-25, Luke 24:13-35

Click here for the message.

I love you guys! Dad

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