Isaiah 35 Can You See It?

It’s Off In the Distance. But God says It’s There

Read Isaiah 35 and Matthew 11:2-15

Hi Family!

You can see that it’s Christmas time. Look at the lights, the trees, the sales, the decorations. The signs are all over the place! You can see it. It’s right in front of us and it’s all around us.

But what about “seeing Christmas” in April or May? It’s tougher then because there are other things on our calendars and in our minds. But Christmas is there nevertheless.

Problems in life cloud our vision and the truth of God. He has something waiting for us who follow Jesus. That’s what Isaiah 35 is all about. And Christmas–the birth of the Christ Child–is what began to usher this all in. Can you see it? That’s what this sermon is about.

I love you! Dad

Can You See It?

#Isaiah35, #Hope, #Advent3

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