Isaiah 2:1 The Golden Age, Or Gold?

Read Isaiah 2:1-5

Good morning Kids!

Hey. You know how much Mom LOVES old movies. In fact, she’s the reason I love old movies. Mom’s the one who introduced me to It’s A Wonderful Life after all (BTW, when you’re all out here for Christmas, you KNOW we’re gonna watch it!). Mom loves the old black & whites from Hollywood’s days of yore (days gone by). They just don’t make movies like they used to. And the actors and actresses just aren’t quite the same as they were in the past. There was something classy about them; there was something elegant and the actors and actresses of the past seem to set the standard, which no longer seems to be able to attain or replicate.

The Golden Days of Hollywood. Today, Hollywood has gotten to far away from its past. The movies aren’t the same. They’re missing their elegance. They’re missing their poise. And maybe that’s because that’s the sign of the times. But Oh! To get back to the Golden Days of Hollywood!

That’s what this reading is about. God’s people were pining for the Golden Age–the Good Ol’ Days–of King David. That’s when things were going well for God’s people. That’s when there were times of peace. That’s when everything was humming along without a care in the world. King David’s rule and how he governed his kingdom was the gold standard in the life and memory of God’s people, and they really wanted it back.

God had made a promise that the Golden Days would return. And in a far greater way than anyone could ever imagine. But the people were waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. It seemed like it would never ever arrive. King after king after king after King David was a great disappointment.

But God had a different kind of King in mind and in store. This reading that happened about 750 BC (before Jesus was born) pointed to a King far greater than they could have ever imagined and hoped for, This King would rule them with grace, mercy, understanding, and peace. He would not take advantage of them or use them as pawns in life.

This pointed to Jesus. Jesus is the long-awaited King that the people were waiting for. Jesus is the new and better King David. “From the stump of Jesse” points to a descendant of King David, because Jesse was King David’s father.

Lots of people pine for the Golden Age in life. They look backward and would love to live in “those days” when everything was innocent and right and seemingly perfect. But if you look back at any time in history, things “back then” weren’t all that great either.

This prophecy points forward to the time of Jesus. Jesus is not only “the Golden Age,” but Jesus is the Gold. He IS the standard.

Jesus has something far greater waiting for you. It’s called Heaven. It’s called perfection. It’s called living in the Garden of Eden–Paradise–restored. This is not a euphoric, ephemeral idea. This is a fact. This a fact that is only believed and understood through faith in Jesus alone.

You see, Christmas is more than simply a “feel good” holiday. Christmas is the time when God put flesh on Himself in order to put His plan of restoring the Golden Age of Paradise into motion. It’s happening RIGHT NOW,

Each of you have been baptized in Christian Baptism. Each of you have received the best gift, which is God’s Spirit. This Holy Spirit recreates you RIGHT NOW and makes you ready for, not the Golden Age, but for the real Gold Standard–life in Paradise with God. Anyone who rejects this, or doesn’t believe it, will be left out of this wonderful gift from God. However, those who believe it will live in the Gold Standards of God for eternity. Jesus is the Answer, and Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Remember the Real Reason For The Season. Each of you is gold in Jesus!@

I love you! Dad

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