1Peter 2:21 Shine the Devil’s Shoes?

Hello Family!

It’s still Easter! It’s the 4th Sunday of Easter, which is one of my favortie Sundays. This is Good Shepherd Sunday. There’s always a reading from John 10, which is “the Good Shepherd” chapter of the Bible, and of course Psalm 23 is read as well: The LORD is my Shepherd … I was raised on the King James Version of this Psalm, so that’s what I use.

So, what do the devil’s shoes have to do with Easter? Well, the Christian is an Easter, resurrection person. God has given the Christian new life and hope in Christ. But what does that look like as the Christian is called to a new life? And when the Christian actually lives out his or her faith, what does the Christian to do when he or she suffers unjustly because they are a Christian? Peter addresses this in today’s reading. We’re to shine the devil’s shoes.

BTW, as an aside, the word want in Psalm 23 means ‘lack’. The LORD is my Shepherd I shall not want, which means ‘I shall lack nothing’.

Readings for Good Shepherd Sunday: Acts 2:42-47, Psalm 23, 1Peter 2:19-25, John 10:1-10

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