Fears, Worries & Insecurities? ‘Nevertheless’ (Psalm 62:1-10)

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Hi Family,

What kinds frustrations are you dealing with today? Is there anything you feel insecure about or are afraid of? Are you anxious and worried about something in your life? God shows us in His Word today (Psalm 62:1-10) how to handle these sorts of things as His people. He wants us to have a ‘nevertheless’ kind of faith and trust in Him.

Do you know what nevertheless means? It means that despite what a person knows or feels to be true, he or she will do it anyway. For instance, “although I’m a little afraid, nevertheless I’d like to try it anyway.” We do contrary, or opposite, of what we know or feel to be true at that time.

The reality is that we, and all people, go through times of frustration, insecurity, fears and anxiousness. These are all real and they are a part of the world that we live in. However, or nevertheless, God wants us to trust Him. And that’s what this Psalm is about.

There’s a little tiny Hebrew word ‘ak. It means ‘nevertheless’. It’s used six times in this Psalm, but it’s not translated in the English. It’s used more like a marker of sorts that God’s people who prayed this Psalm in Hebrew would know and understand. ‘ak begins each verse in Psalm 62:1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 [in Hebrew vv 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10}. So the Psalm should be read:

  1. (62:1) Nevertheless for God alone my soul waits in silence
  2. (62:2) Nevertheless He is alone is my rock and my salvation
  3. (62:4) Nevertheless they [the enemies] plan to thrust Him {God} down from His high position
  4. (62:5) Nerveless for God alone my soul waits in silence
  5. (62:6) Nevertheless He only is my rock and salvation
  6. (62:9) Nevertheless those of low estate are but a breath

King David was going through some problems or issues that made him have some fears or worries. We don’t know what the issues were, but he was going through something that challenged his faith. He looked to God with trust knowing that, whatever he was fearing and worrying about, nevertheless, God was there for him.

Each of you is a baptized child of God. You are very important and precious to Him because of your faith in Jesus. Remember, Jesus died on the cross and rose on Easter morning for you! You already possess the best gift anyone can have, namely a place in heaven with Jesus Christ. You are one of God’s precious people. Nevertheless, on this side of heaven in this world we will have fears, insecurities, anxieties and worries, and frustrations. So, Jesus wants us to put our faith into action by putting our hope and trust in Him. Jesus gives us the peace of God that passes all understanding in this world (Philippians 4:7). His Holy Spirit gives us a sense of peace and stillness as we yield everything over to Him to deal with.

So, what kinds of frustrations are you dealing with today? Is there anything you feel insecure about? Are you anxious and worried about something in your life? Is there something that you’re unsure about and makes you afraid? Whatever it is, that’s OK. Nevertheless … look to Jesus and trust in Him. He will help you and keep you.

I love you guys! Dad