Roll With the Changes (Psalm 37:5-6)

Vintage Photo of People Pushing Old Car

Fretting, anxiousness, and unnecessary worrying is very easy to do. We might have some good reasons for this. Nevertheless, God doesn’t want His people to fret. And He gives the antidote to fretting. That’s why I’m continuing on with Psalm 37 for a couple of days because there’s SO MUCH great stuff in here to help us, as God’s people, to commit everything over to God and let Him handle our problems so that  we can continue to live life the way He wants His people to live it.

Have you ever rolled a heavy object? For instance, have you ever had to push a car that died? I know I have. When I was young, my friends and I didn’t have money for new cars. We had beaters (and they were a lot of fun)! But they also died out once in a while. That would mean we would have to get out and push them. Now, back then cars were really cars–they were made out of heavy metal and steel. It was really hard and difficult to begin to push the car and get it moving. But once there was momentum, the car would move much more easily. The hard part was the initial pushing to get it moving.

Psalm 37:5-6 builds on what we read the last two days about how to deal with fretting and worrying. God wants us to ‘commit’ our way/life and all our problems over to Him, and then ‘trust’ Him. There’s that word ‘trust’ again (see October 17 for ‘trust’). The word ‘commit’ means ‘to roll or turn,’ like a huge heavy boulder to close up a well or a cave. Fretting and worrying can become heavy burdens. And the more we try handling things on our own, the heavier that stone can become. Roll it over to God to handle. Hand it over to Jesus because we can’t roll that stone on our own. Turn that stone over to Him and trust Him, because He’s the One who has already sealed our cave and deep well of sin.

What are some problems or worries you might be facing today? Are you trying to handle them yourself? Do you think you can do a better job than Jesus can at solving your problems or worries? What might be holding you back from committing them/turning and rolling them over to Jesus?

Prayer: Heavenly Father; it would be so wonderful if everything in life were easy and care-free. But it’s not. And if life were that way, then we might find ourselves not needing You and walking away from you. Whatever problems and worries we may have today, we turn them over to you. We trust you Lord. Help us in our lack of trust. We roll everything over to you in Jesus name. Amen.

I love you! Dad