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Topic: Journey From Unbelief to Faith
Time: Sep 17, 2020 06:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
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Sep 17, 2020 06:30 PM
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Matthew 16:16-18 It Sure Doesn’t Seem Like God is Winning!

How the hell did Jesus get verified ? face to face with devil . - YouTube

Hi Family!

When you look around the world, our country, the culutre or your own life, do you ever get the idea that the devil is winning and God is not? The Bible has something to say about this!

I love you guys! Dad

Romans 12:1-2 Are You Tofu? Or, a Butterfly?

Hi Fam! I’m not a tofu fan, but I’ve eaten it and cooked with it. And it works for this Bible verse.

I love you guys! Dad

Matthew 15:21-28 Jesus crosses the border. Do you?

Hi Fam! Borders are more than geographical. What borders have you witnessed to Jesus & Christianity? Are there borders to the Gospel for you? Have you set up borders?

I love you guys! Dad

Matthew 13:44 Who’s the Treasure?

Hi Family!

This is one of my favorite parables of Jesus. It’s short, but filled with lots of Good News Gospel!

I love you guys! Dad

Jeremiah 28:5-6 Does True Truth Matter?

Hi Family,

We live in a world where everyone can have their own truth even if it isn’t. How can a person structure & operate one’s life unless there is an absolute truth? Jeremiah points us to the true Truth!

I love you guys! DD

Jeremiah 20:7-9, 13 A Twisted World; A Twisted Life

Hi Fam!

You live in a topsey- world; very twisted. But God has the answer!

I love you guys! Dad

Jeremiah 20:7-13 The Twisted Life

Hi Family!

Things in this world, and things in life are twisted and topsey-turvy. But this is nothing new. How does the Christian get through this? Well, God tells us how through His prophet, Jeremiah.

Here’s tomorrow’s sermon with closed captioning. It’s on Jeremiah 20; the twisted life. If you know anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, and can benefit from this, please feel free to share.

I Love you guys! Dad

Exodus 19:4-6 Royal Priesthood; What’s This?

Hi Family!

In Christ, you’re a kingdom of priests. So, what’s that mean for our Christian living?

I love you guys! Dad

Exodus 19:2-8 Does God Set Us Up For Failure?

Hi Family!

You’re a kingdom of priests; a special possession; a holy nation according to God. So, how’s that supposed to effect your daily relationships and living? Here’s my sermon for Sunday.

I love you guys! Dad